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Zero Degrees Latitude
57 min / 1993 / watch on vimeo

"Every time I asked her a question, her husband answered for her...The interview became a bit tense; I continued to address my questions to her, and when he answered, I kept the camera on her, recording her silent glances. Hartada, in a chilanga way, I said to him, “Let her talk.”

"The piece is a patch quilt. Although the combination is ungainly, it is still powerful. I must confess when seeing the piece for the first time, I eagerly anticipated how he had depicted the real places 1 had been to; I left appreciating the conceptual place he had constructed. A good translation wouldn’t have been enough."

"In contemporary America, the continent, those of us who rally against neocolonialism have to say, we are all behind that mask. We must struggle in Quechua, Chilango, Tzotzil, Tzetzal, Boricua, English, Spanglish, etc., etc.,etc., yes, even in Latin. CNN promises to be there, ¿y nosotros?"

--Diary, Bertha Jottar
Talkin' With Your Mouth Full

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