Virtual Play: The Double Direct Monkey Wrench in Black's Machinery
83 min / 1984 / watch on vimeo

"The title of Steven Fagin's eighty-two-minute videotape Virtual Play is another chess term, designating not a move but a type of chess problem. The goal of virtual play in chess is to get as close as possible, as elegantly as possible, to checkmate without achieving it."

"The video does not offer a story in a conventional narrative form that can be recounted; rather, it is a presentation that can be read in a variety of ways, which change according to the viewer and the viewing."

"If the problem of postmodernism is 'how to do without narrative by means of narrative itself,' then Fagin's title is an apt analogy that indicates his solution to the problem as well."

--Waking and Shaking, Margaret Morse
Talkin With Your Mouth Full

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