The Machine That Killed Bad People
120 min / 1990 / watch on vimeo

"The Machine that Killed Bad People, a 1990 videotape by Steve Fagin, is a rendering of catastrophe (the collapse of the Marcos regime) and scandal (Imelda's spending sprees and government graft)."

"Avant-garde formalism meets the techniques of CNN and syndicated TV, unraveling network news coverage of the Philippines."

"The collision of the everyday with shocking or catastrophic scenes culminates in an extraordinary, macabre performance at the end: the bloody coupling/rape of the Filipino emblem, an eagle, by a Cyclopean U.S. phallic rocket/dollar—a perverse, violent, fire-breathing machine."

--Disastrous Events, Patricia Mellencamp
Talkin' With Your Mouth Full

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